Thank you for your interest in a Pink Moose Pearls Fundraiser! We are happy to be able to help you raise funds for your organization, school, team or cause. We offer 40% of total brochure sales to your organization

You may notice a slight difference in brochure vs web pricing. This is so we can offer you a higher percentage of sales for your fundraising efforts. Shipping is collected in the amount of $4 per order. We will only charge you actual shipping costs. Any money collected above the actual cost of shipping will go to your fundraiser. In the event the amount collected is short of my actual cost to ship, we will cover the difference and NOT take from your 40%.

We will provide you with brochures and order forms. You may also request product samples which we will bill at regular price and will reimburse you for upon receipt of your final fundraising order. Just let me know how many brochures and samples you would like. All merchandise is in stock and on hand. Delivery takes approximately 7-10 business days, once you submit your order and payment.

The way we run a fundraiser is to send you the requested number of brochures and order forms. You set your dates and collect all orders and funds. Once you send me your final orders via mail, fax, or scan & email, we will send you an invoice for 60% of the brochure price plus actual shipping costs. You keep the remainder of funds collected for your organization. We can accept check, money order or credit card for payment of your order. However, checks and money orders will delay the shipping times until payment has cleared. We will ship your order, separated by order form, if you submit your order as individual orders. You may also opt to tally your orders to receive the items in bulk. This may save some money on shipping costs.

If you have any questions about hosting a fundraiser, please do not hesitate to contact me. We are happy to help in any way that we can!



Based in Seattle,